Thursday, June 17, 2010

CQB Radio - Episode 15.5 - MiniCast

Hey CQB Radio listeners,

Here's MiniCast #2.

You can find it at and on iTunes (soon enough it will pop up there).

Of course, thanks to for helping us out with the show.


We talked about good goggles including the FlakJak Goggles

Echo 1 has the new ER16 out - nice looking AEG.

For you people who love Magpul, you can have a cover for you iPhone from them soon.

We also talked about good boots. Though they aren't available anymore (from what I see on the net), these are the Condor boots that I wear.

Spartan Imports has a TON of new items coming in - keep your eyes peeled at your local airsoft store.

One of them is a SWEET GBB pistol from KWA.

ICS has some new grips out - one for M4s, one for SIGs.

Some new, cool Magpul patches are out - I've got the red skull one myself.

Our review this month is of the G&P M16A3 with M203 launcher - I love this AEG!

The UTG Commando M4 - great externals, fail internally. It's just jammed up on me a lot. I'll let you know what I find when I open it. Also, fail in this stock photo that they put the vert grip on backwards - nice...

The Bravo one-ear headset - a great deal and a great piece of gear.

The Matrix CIRAS from Evike - love it. Wore it at a game a few weeks ago and would definitely recommend it.

Also from Evike, the Magpul Modular Rail cover - well-made and looking great.

We still have the UTG Crossdraw for sale with a free UTG drop-leg tossed in as well

The Echo 1 Stag Arms M4 Commando is available,

as is the DBOY SCAR-L in tan,

the Echo 1 X36C,

and the HFC M190 GBB pistol.

We also have the Voodoo Tactical hydration pouch - molle and straps included,

and a UTG vert grip (2 of them are available).

And that's it. Hope you enjoy the MiniCast.

Keep on firin',