Tuesday, May 18, 2010

CQB Radio - MiniCast #1

Hey CQB Radio fans,
Hope you enjoy the new MiniCast. Here are the corresponding photos to the new show.
It's on iTunes and at http://www.cqbradio.libsyn.com/

MiniCast #1
- Correspondance
- Reviews
- Updates
- Garage Sale

First off, thanks to Evike.com for supporting the MiniCast. Check them out on-line at http://www.evike.com/.


Shout out to Network Airsoft - check them out at http://www.networkairsoft.com/

You familiar with Type 89 mechboxes? Let me know so I can pass it on the Daniel who's working on his.

Updates from Spartan Imports include the release of the Magpul FPG,

the Beta Project gun rack,

and soon to be distributed A&K guns.

Shout out to Keith from over the pond - he told us about his favorite site to play - P.O.W.

Do you know much about the KWA M4 S-System? If so, shoot me an e-mail. I haven't heard a ton about it.

First up, we talked about the Condor Molle Vest from Evike.com. You can get it there for $39.99. I'm on the far right of this pic with that vest on - pouches are extra but it's a nice vest overall.

Second up was the Los Pistoleros vest from Evike.com. It's 79.99 on their site and is SUPER unique.

A side-angle look at it.

4 pistol mag pouches here and one below - 5 total.

The accessory pouch on the right side - great to hold whatever you need to.

A look at the pistol holster - quick-release and able to hold all kinds of pistol sizes.

A look at the back - hydration pouch is built in, and a drag handle too.

Lastly, the Metal Gear CIRAS in tan - REALLY nice!

I'm rocking this guy with my multicam loadout.

4 mag pouches in the front and the velcro can be removed so you can use just the bungee cords.

Admin pouch in the middle of the chest - velcro, a pistol mag/flashlight/multi-tool pouch, and molle webbing too. Overall a great deal from Evike.com for only $79.99

A few updates on some gear and guns that I've talked about before on the podcast.
1. EBairsoft RRV - it's large, mag pouches are tight, but still good overall
2. Rothco Kevlar Knuckle gloves - need to be broken in, snug, very protective
3. Under Armour Tactical gloves - really comfortable, well-built, light-weight
4. A&K MK43 - box mag is hard to change settings, it's HEAVY, put ROF up.
5. ESS Goggles - amazing - no fogging!

For all items, feel free to e-mail me at CQBRadio@gmail.com

Interested in this Condor Molle vest? I'll toss in a double mag pouch. Total cost: $20.00

I'm also selling this brand-new Echo 1 M4 Commando for $90.

And lastly, this UTG cross-draw vest AND the drop leg holster (all in digital woodland camo).
Cost is $20.

That's all, folks. Keep the e-mails coming and we'll talk to you soon.

Keep on firin',