Tuesday, May 4, 2010

CQB Radio: Episode 14 - M120 Spring Has Sprung

Here it is - CQB Radio Episode 14.
You can find it on iTunes or http://www.cqbradio.libsyn.com/

CQB Radio: Episode 14 - M120 Spring Has Sprung
- Intro and Welcome
- Word on the Street: Ops around New England and in the U.S.
- Assessment: Echo 1 PDW, HFC M190, and S-Thunder Landmine
- Tricks of the Trade: Looking back at the North Atlantic Airsoft Expo
- Loadout: Paladin Go-bag, UTG Messenger bag, ESS goggles with Cortex Clip, Under Armour tactical gloves, and a Voodoo Tactical loadout
- Dr. Airsoft: Dental Safety
- Retailer Review: Justin from Combat Sports Supply
- Just In: Nope...
- Closing

First off, welcome 2 new supporters of CQB Radio - Gorilla Tactical Supply (http://www.gorillatacticalsupply.com/)

and Combat Sport Supply (http://www.combatsportsupply.com/).

Operation: Heavy Rain is happening in Maine - check out http://www.maineairsoft.com/ for more information.

In Mass., check out http://www.battlegroundz.net/. You can also check out http://www.maasf.org/ for more info on airsoft in that state.

Of course, The Citadel is all about CQB - check them out too!

Lastly, Cody from Florida contacted me to let us know about SOCOM Airsoft Arena.

First up is the Echo 1 Task Force Black PDW.

Here it is before the unboxing.

And here are the goodies you get with the PDW.

And a close up of the unboxing.

Here it is in all it's beauty. A few shots...

Stock folded on the side.

And a shot with the smaller, mid-cap mag.

Next up was the HFC/TSD M190/SD92. Many names, same gun. Here's the box.

And a look inside the box.

Slide racked back on the HFC M190.

And a shot of the selector switch - yeah that's right - it's a full-auto pistol.

Last up in Assessment was the S-Thunder Landmine, reviewed by Ox. Here's the box in which it arrives.

It comes it with this cool little bag that holds the mine.

The mine disassembled. A great landmine - keep your eyes peeled for what S-Thunder brings us in the future.

Next we spoke with Kyle of the North Atlantic Airsoft Expo to see how the expo went back in March of this year.

First up, the Paldin Go-Bag from Airsoft Extreme. Take a look at these pics - NICE bag!

Next up, the UTG Tactical Messenger Bag. Another good option for those who like to operate with minimum gear.

Texas 911 Gear sent us the ESS Goggles with Cortex clip. Here there are boxed up.


Check out this stock photo to see some of the slots for airflow.

Fantastic goggles - used them and I love these guys.

And lastly, the goggles with the outer Cortex clip taken off.

Under Armour Tactical gloves from Gorilla Tactical.

And lastly in Loadout, the Voodoo Tactical loadout. First up, the chest rig.

And they hydration pack on the back.

A shotgun scabbard.

A shotgun shell holder.

A drop-leg platform and the modular holster.

Single pistol mag pouch.

The hydration back.

M203 shell holder.

Dump pouch - super compact.


And a full-sized dump pouch.

Dr. Airsoft shared with us about dental safety in airsoft. Check him out at http://www.airsoftmedicine.com/

Our Retailer Review was an interview with Justin from Combat Sport Supply. Check them out online at http://www.combatsportsupply.com/

Just In was postponed for a month and that's it.
Enjoy and keep on firin',

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