Friday, March 26, 2010

Review of the Walther Multi-Reticle Sight

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As you can see, we are offering more reviews these days on the blog instead of just on the podcast. That way, we can get more info to you and we can have posts/reviews to share mid-month when the next podcast is still in production.

Today, we're looking at the Walther Mutli-Reticle Sight. I got this from Pyramyd Air for review and you can find it on their site ( for $50.00

I like this sight. These type of sights are generally called "reflex" and are more open than your average scope or red-dot tube sight. That's nice because it allows you to see more and you don't have to focus on looking through a tube as you shoot (Walther reports that you have a 17-yeard field of view at 109 yards).

Here's a look at the box in which the sight comes:

And a look at the sight (the black thing next to it is a rubber cover to keep it from being broken or scratched - nice feature.

A few key features worth noting: it has 7 levels of brightness, 4 reticles (read below) it's about 3 1/4 inches long, it has windage and elevation adjustments, it attaches to rails (wrenches included), and it comes with the batteries needed to run it.

This sight is super easy to use. Just like most red-dot sights, you turn it on, line up your dot to where you BB is going, and you are set. The 7 different brightness feautres are a nice feature. You may think, "So what, why would I need to adjust the brightness of the dot?", but you'd be amazed at how your out at an op and then BAM - all of a sudden you are in a very sunny part of the AO and your red dot has essentially been washed out by the light.

Another great feature of this guy is also that you have 4 different reticle options so you can choose one that fits your situation best. That's a feature not found on many sights that are this inexpensive.

I'd say the one thing I'd like them to change is to make it with a QD feature so I didn't need the included wrench to take it on and off. That said, the wrench size is what you'll find in a standard set of allen wrenches (non-metric), so if you lose the wrench, as long as you have set of allen wrenches, you're all set.

Here it is on the SIG 556 rail:

Overall, this is going to be one of the less expensive reflex-type sights you'll find on the market. However, even though the price is reasonable, it's a high-quality item and it's not going to break on you. Walther is a top-notch company with a good rep, and this sight will not disappoint. Again, check out to find more info on it and to purchase it.

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  1. Could you please explain what a "reticle option" is.

  2. Sure - when you look into a sight, the "dot" you see is your reticle. With this one, you've got 4 different options - a small red dot, a slightly larger one, a 1/2 cross-hais, and a full standard cross-hairs.

    Check out and look under "Accessories" and then "Dot Sights" to see this guy for more info., and a pic of the reticle options.