Wednesday, March 31, 2010

CQB Radio: Episode 13 - Raining Like Mad

Ox and Saint rockin' the mutlicam.

CQB Radio: Episode 13 - Raining Like Mad
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CQB Radio: Episode 13 - Raining Like Mad
- Introduction and Welcome
- Word on The Street: Ops in New England
- Assessment: CA's LWRC, ACM M500 gas shotty, G17 from KSC
- Assesment Part 2: 2 M203 shells (EGO and S-Thunder)
- Tricks of the Trade: Dave from
- Loadout: Condor Softshell jacket, AMP red dot, Magpul AFG and UTG rails, and a 553 sight.
- Dr. Airsoft: Interview about eye safety
- Retailer Review: Airsoft Accessories Supply on EBay
- Just In: AirsoftReviewer1 with some new items to the airsoft world
- Closing

Introduction and Welcome
Thanks as always to all our listeners and thanks for those who entered the M4 contest.

PyramydAir has a new airsoft blog. Check it out at:

Word on the Street
In Maine, Opertaion Gran Maitre at Harris Field Farms is coming up. Check out

Operation Centurion in Walcott, CT.

Check out The Citadel for CQB in New England.

And if you're out in California, head to Echo 1's 2nd Appreciation Day.

Here we have the Classic Army LWRC EBB in bronze. Thanks to Airsoft Extreme for sending this gun for review.

The lovely CA box...

With the gun you get the manual, a cleaning rod, some safety instructions, and a hi-cap magazine.

Here it is with a new mag and a 553 sight (more info on the sight on the podcast).

Second up we had the ACM M500 gas shotgun. You can find this guy at Pyramyd Air.

FYI - even if you get the all black version, this is the box it will come in. Don't freak and go, "OH MAN! I didn't want the 'hunter' version." It's going to be ok...

Your accessories include a cleaning rod, some instructions, some BBs, a few tools, and a bag of extra O-rings.

The beast unleashed.

A shot of the ghost sight.

Here are the loading tubes - easy to fill and it holds about 200 bbs.

Following these guns, we looked at the EGO M203 shell and the S-Thunder shell. Check out my review on the blog of the S-Thunder shell, and go to for a review and vid of the EGO M203 shell - good stuff.

Here's the S-Thunder shell in it's box.

The shell with some extra top-plugs.

Lastly in Assessment, we had the KSC G17 from Airsplat. Thanks to Ox for his review of this nice pistol.

A few nice shots of the G17.

Tricks of the Trade
We talked with Dave of VoodooTactical .net in this part of the show.

It began with the Condor softshell jacket - amazing! Thanks Airsoft Extreme.

Secondly, the AMP compact red dot. Thanks again AEX!

Here it is alone...

Now check it out compared to this other red dot...

The Magpul Angled Foregrip and the UTG AR-15/M4 rails - the rails came to us from Pyramyd Air. Here's the AFG on my M4.

What you get with the AFG.

What you get with the UTG full-metal rails.

And another AFG shot.

The 553 sight came to us from Airsoft Station. A NICE sight.

Dr. Airsoft
Dr. Airsoft spoke with a medical doctor from Israel about a study done on eye safety and airsoft.

Retailer Review
Airsoft Accessories Supply - you can find them here:

Just In with TheAirsoftReviewer1
AEX has a new Real Steel section.

Check out the MadBull Hop-up LED Module.

And King Arms has some new gear/guns on the market.

And that's all - enjoy and keep in firin',