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CQB Radio: Episode 11 - Winter's Here in Full Force

I'm talking all airsoft, all the time...

CQB Radio: Episode 11 - Winter's Here in Full Force
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CQB Radio: Episode 11 - Winter's Here in Full Force
- Introduction and Welcome
- Assessment: Smith & Wesson multi-shot shotgun, Echo 1 ATS shotgun, UTG M3S shotgun, and then the Echo 1 M4 Platinum Series
- Tricks of the Trade: Booligan at Shot Shot 2010
- Loadout: Save Phace Mack, UTG M4 Commando geeked-out, and the XCortech X3200 Chronograph
- Retailer Review: Trinity Airsoft
- Just In: New items in the world of airsoft
- Closing


A HUGE thanks to UTG for their donation of parts for the M4 Commando and also for the UTG M3S shotgun. Check them out on-line at

Also thanks so much to Jag Precision for the Echo 1 ATS shotgun for review.

Another shout out to Jack and Alpha Company. Here's a pic he sent to me from Afghanistan.

Check out this link to the Wounded Warrior Project at - please donate


First up we had the Smith & Wesson multi-shot shotgun.

Second, we had the Echo 1 ATS Shotgun (long version)

Overall, a nice shotgun - one BB per shot and it's coming in at over 400 FPS on average.

Our last shotgun was the UTG M3S shotgun reviewed by Ox.

Lastly, we talked about the Echo 1 M4 Platinum. A great gun (built by VFC) - and it could be YOURS!

Nice to have a case with it.

A look at the Platinum label.

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We spoke with Booligan who attended Shot Show 2010.

Check out his photos at:


First in Loadout, the Save Phace mask from Texas 911 gear (

It come with a carrying bag...

And then it comes with these accessories as well.

Here's my UTG M4 Commando all geeked-out to be my tactical carbine.

The UTG butt pad for an LE stock.

The UTG LE Stock in OD.

The UTG pistol grip in OD (VERY comfortable.

Magpul mag and magpul.

DBOYS rail covers.

Classic Army QD vert grip.

Replica holo sight.

Element Knight-style flash hider
And the SWEET UTG laser/light combo.

Lastly in Loadout was the XCortech X3200 Chrono.


Our Retailer Review was of Trinity Airsoft -

JUST IN with The Airsoft Reviewer 1

Some new gear at Pyramyd Gear

The new desert MEU from WE at Airsoft Extreme

Check out this Celcius AEG at Airsplat

That wraps it up. Enjoy the podcast and keep on firin',

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  1. Another great show. Loved the Shot show coverage.