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CQB Radio - Episode 10: Lookin' Back on 2009

Episode 10 is ready to be downloaded.

Here you can see (from L to R) Saint, some random guy, Ox, and Carp at Operation Nosebleed.

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CQB Radio - Episode 10: Lookin' Back on 2009
- Introduction and Welcome
- Word on the Street - Looking back at some ops
- Trick of the Trade with Ox
- Loadout - Top 5 Gear Items
- Retailer Review - CQB Radio Supporting Retailers
- Just In: New items to airsoft
- Assesment: AI Tornado Grenade and ICS L86A2

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Word on the Street: Looking back at airsoft ops in 2009

Check out www. for great airsoft info about New England.

In 2009, a great new CQB facility opened in Mass. Check out for more info on this new CQB option.

My main (no pun intended) airsoft field in 2009 was Harris Field Farm in Dayton, Maine. This field is run by Maine Airsoft -

Loadout, Part 1: Top 5 Gear Items of 2009

In Loadout, Ox and I talked about some of our favorite gear items from 2009. Here you can see him ( in the middle) with 3 of his: his coalition scarf, his comms, and his plate carrier.

Another one of his favorites was this pair of Voodoo Tactical gloves.

And lastly, his hydration pouch.

For me (Tim) it was the following items: my Condor multi-purpose map pouch.

Here's a look at the inside.

Next up was my Bowman headset.

3rd - my Blackhawk shotgun shell bandoleer.

And the last 2 were my Magpul PTS MS2 sling...

and my Condor molle gun bag.

Loadout, Part 2: An Airsoft Loadout from Pyramyd Gear

Next up, a full airsoft loadout for around $100.

First, the BDU shirt and pants.

Here's the rugged belt...

Here are the knee pads.

2 hats - a boonie hat and a patrol cap.

And a light-weight vest for mags and other gear.

Retailer Review: Talking about our retail supporters

Just In: New airsoft items

Madbull's new metal bodies and hop-up.

A new pistol from SOCOM gear.

The TM G36K with blow-back.

Is that a briefcase? No - it's a glock.

ARES new LMG is out.

Assessment, Part 1: Looking at some airsoft weaponry

The Airsoft Innovations Tornado Grenade.

Here are some grenade accessories - spoon kit and distraction kit. Overall probably the best airsoft grenade out there on the market.

Next up was the ICS L86A2 - don't worry, it's the same box as the L85 but it's the L86A2 inside.

Here's what you get with the package.

And the monster unleashed.

ICS L86A2 with bipod down.

The stock with shoudler support, vert grip, and mag.

And the interesting access to the battery compartment.

Assessment, Part 2: Some of the guns from 2009

First up, the SCAR-L from DBOYS.

Oh man - the AGM full-metal 416 was interesting, but here's Ox's new primary - the G&G M4.

The CYMA AK-74 - was it a lemon or is it just not a great AEG?

The Classic Army M15A4 Sportline - a great deal for an AEG.

And then there was the DBOYS M4 CASV turned DMR.

One of the best AEGs I've reviewed - the KWA M4.

My new tactical carbine (check out the next podcast for more on this one) - the UTG M4 Commando.

A beastly support gun - the A&K MK43

And lastly, the King Arms SIG 556 Holo in Dark Earth.

And that's it - enjoy the podcast and check back to the blog often.

Keep on firin',

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