Monday, July 13, 2009

Great Airsoft Videos and Episode 4

No reason for this pic - I just like the SCAR so here's a shot of it.

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In my time surfing the net, I've seen a lot of videos about airsoft. Here are 10 great videos (in no particular order) related to airsoft:

1. Great video on gas-blow backs - RedWolf Airsoft

2. A fantastic video of shotguns in action - ShortyUSA

3. All About Batteries - AirsoftGI

4. All About Chargers - AirsoftGI

5. Some basic airsoft training - Mid-West Airsoft

6. How to use airsoft gun lube - ShortyUSA

7. A great airsoft skirmish video - Combat South Urban/UncleSam83

8. Painting Airsoft guns: Part 1 - AirsoftPost

9. Painting Airsoft guns: Part 2 - AirsoftPost

10. How an AEG (mechbox) works - WannaBeNOOb

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