Wednesday, May 6, 2009

CQB Radio - Episode 2: We're Baaa-aaack!

Our second podcast of CQB Radio is up and ready to be downloaded.
You can find Episode 2 at:

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I am glad to welcome my buddy Nathan (Ox) to the show - he has been a great help with CQB Radio.

CQB Radio - Episode 2: We're Baaa-aack...
- Welcome and Introduction
- Word on the Street: The latest New England airsoft news
- Assessment: 2 reviews: KART M14 EBR and the AGM all-metal 416
- Tricks of the Trade, Part 1: How to handle your new airsoft gun
- Tricks of the Trade, Part 2: A breakdown of a woodland skirmish
- Loadout: A review 6 different pairs of airsoft gloves
- Retailer review of EbayBanned
- Just In: Some new and soon-to-arrive airsoft gear

Here's a pic of some guys I skirmished with in April while I was in New York.

Word on the Street: Here are a few links to some of the sites we talked about: - Federal Airsoft the walk-in store - Massachusetts Airsoft Forum - scenario-based airsoft skirmishes - a paintball/airsoft facility - Massachusetts Airsoft Forum - Maine airsoft information - a place to play in Maine - an airsoft store/facility - Vermont airsoft information - 130 acre airsoft field - Operation Pine Plains 2 in NY

Assessment Review #1 was on the KART M14 EBR (Enhanced Battle Rifle). Check out some photos below.

The adjustable cheek rest is a nice feature of this AEG from KART.

KART M14 EBR with UTG bi-pod and Leapers red-dot scope.

Assesment Review #2 was on the AGM all-metal 416.

Rear site (like an MP5) and selector switch (note that it is all in white - remember to be sure you are on safe; just because it's pointed at the color white doesn't mean you can't fire the weapon.

Top rail - numbered - nice feature.

The AGM all-metal 416.

In Loadout, we talked about the uses of gloves and what to consider when purchasing them. Check out photos of the gloves we talked about in the podcast.

The military-issued glove liners - Cost: around $4 or $5

The RAP - notice the plastic protection on the top of the hands. Cost: $10

The Tac Force airsoft gloves - good overall, but be careful of pulls on the neoprene. Cost: $20

The Puggs random gloves - actually really nice for winter airsoft. Cost: $17

The "O" tactical gloves - Oakley look-alikes but less expensive. Cost: $24-30

The VooDoo tactical gloves - again, a nice pair. Cost: about $16

For Just In, here are a few links to some really cool items that are coming out: - The A&K MK43
Also, click here to see the Mad Bull SOCOM stock:
Lastly, the J-RICH M900 fore grip/flash light:

Finally, let me give a shout to the people who e-mailed me with info for the podcast, and to Fernando, who is currently the listener from furthest away - Spain.

Next podcast will be in June. Check back to the blog often, and please rate us on iTunes.

Thanks for listening, and keep on firin',

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